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The beauty Secret of JanusLean


Janus mainly focuses on skin care for young people, focusing on facial masks made of natural plant no additives and other types of various skin care products. The brand firmly believes that beauty must not be at the expense of skin damage, and it must be on the basis of safe nourishment to make the skin bloom beautifully.

    JanusLean TEAM

Professional R&D Team and Top Consultant Team

To Konw More About Janus

JanusLean Biotech Co.,Ltd. is a start-up company focusing initially on R&D of water-free beauty facial mask and will expand to other products related to skin care in the future.

CityU HK Tech 300 Seed Fund
Team Building Activities
FITMI 2023 Aisa International Innovative Invention

As an innovative company, JanusLean Biotech Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the Asia Summit on Global Health with the newly developed Chinese medicine electrospun nanofiber facial mask.
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